Flexible Work Life Good for Your Health: Study

Reuters | by Kristina Cooke | Dec. 11, 2007

A flexible work life, including telecommuting and job shares, is good for your health, researchers said on Tuesday. They found that if people have the ability to work from home and to compress work weeks, they are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices, to exercise more and to sleep better.

“Perhaps it gives people the time to fit in healthier lifestyle into their everyday regimen or maybe it just enables people to better manage their time,” Professor Joseph G. Grzywacz, of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, said in an interview.

While the primary driver behind the flexibility movement was to help people, especially women, combine work and family, evidence suggests this is clearly not only a women’s issue, Grzywacz, who reported the findings in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, said.

The researchers looked at Health Risk Appraisals from employees in jobs ranging from warehouse and production workers to executives at a large multinational pharmaceutical company. […]

“This isn’t just about high-level office workers, these people perform a wide variety of tasks within the company,” Grzywacz explained.

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  1. Someone should remind these executives that people who are taken care of and treated with decency will be much more productive and loyal than employees who are mistreated and abused.

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