Obama Buying More Union Votes With Your Tax Dollars

Obama Unions CorruptionPresident Obama has pledged more of your money to protect the unions and secure their vote. The administration demanded and got $26 billion taxpayer dollars to spare 300,000 teachers and other public workers from the unemployment lines.

The hundreds of billions of taxpayer money already spent by Obama and the Democrats since 2009 to pay off their union supporters was apparently not enough. Despite giving $100 billion in new funding to the Department of Education (DOE), courtesy of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, in addition to the $25 billion bailout that saved the GM and Chrysler auto union workers, more is needed to thank them for their continuing support and unquestioning loyalty.

The Senate passed the $26 billion bailout measure last week and the House approved it on Tuesday with overwhelming Democrat support. Obama is expected to sign it quickly. The additional spending is partially paid for by reducing food stamps benefits to the poor.

The $26,000,000,000 required to protect 300,000 union jobs, works out to roughly $86,666 per job. This is an amazingly generous payoff to union workers, considering the average $56,100 yearly salaries of Americans working in the private sector.

Meanwhile the US economy continues to slow down, with the “official” unemployment rate holding steady at 9.5% and the underemployment rate (which includes part-time workers and those who have given up looking for a job) hovering around 17%.

More misery and uncertainty is in store for 15 million unemployed Americans. But government employees and union workers are experiencing unprecedented prosperity and job security under the protection of Obama’s socialist policies.

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog.

Obama Unions Corruption Payoff
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