How Washington Continues to Ignore Small Businesses

When the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was enacted by Congress in February of 2009, a mere 0.899% of the funds were directed toward helping Small Businesses. Despite the fact that the Small Business sector employs over 50% of the American population, Big Business and Wall Street got most of the attention from our government during the “Great Recession” (and continues to do so).

This is just one example of how Washington has ignored the interests of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Mercantile Capital Corporation is a nationwide commercial lender that specializes in providing SBA 504 loans for owners of small and mid-sized businesses. THE CRISIS ON MAIN STREET was written and narrated by Mercantile’s CEO/Cofounder, Chris Hurn — a serial entrepreneur and outspoken Small Business Advocate — to give Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs a common voice.

We are asking that voters who are in favor of job creation make their presence widely known during the mid-term elections. Ask your candidates to expressly state their opinion on small business lending reform, and only vote for those who will loosen the restrictive reins that are hampering job creation in our country. Candidates who do not list small business job creation as a key part of their platform do not deserve your support.

THE CRISIS ON MAIN STREET: How Washington Continues to Ignore Small Businesses is a rallying cry for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs everywhere.


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